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The new HP film is out! and we SAW IT! I have to admit I won't repeat this mistake. We bought tickets on Fandango for 10:30, and brought my mom's, a.k.a La Flaca, but we were not prepared for it to be sold out and sitting so close I thought I would hurl in the first five minutes. We were sandwiched. The guy behind me was not sitting comfortably in his seat due to his long legs and I didn't want to lean so far back (as it was already uncomfortable), but the girl in front of me had no problem leaping back in her seat into my knees and checking her voicemail.

Ok, I know, what about the movie? Ok. A few cool scenes. I loved the ballroom scene. I explained to English hubby we call that the prom (without the cool special effects). I loved that scene.

I was extremely happy to see another nationality introduced into the film, especially Eastern European. I have a weak spot for Eastern European accents. This film was more racially diverse, but still no Latinos. Oh well.

I loved the dragons. I wasn't too thrilled with a few parts but won't say what as you may not know. I do miss Wood the Scottish Quidditch player. Well, because he was Scottish, and I believe from Glasgow.

oh, I loved Neville. So cute!

My mom and I spent the day together. We had coffee, looked for a table and chandelier (found a chandelier), found a rug, visited two Homegoods, bought a basket to store my knitting projects next to the sofa (Homegoods). The basket was a steal at $15 and if the cats tear it apart, I have no emotional attachment. It does the job.

No knitting was accomplished today. All in all, a good day.

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