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Yeah, so last night I met up with some old friends, Fiona and Anna. All three of us worked together in a company in downtown NY, and we enjoyed our meal at Thai Basil on 860 9th Ave. The dumplings were okay, but my penang shrimp curry was oh so yummy.

Fiona is writing my letter of recommendation to graduate school. I was so happy to see her.

Anna was my maid of honor and my closest friend. I haven't seen her in over two months. A little difficult to visit each other with her schedule and NY is very far away now that I don't work there anymore.

I picked up my husband's bil's Christmas present. My software went on the fritz so I will have more pictures later. I am knitting it longways and changing shades of brown in a garter stitch. This pattern is loosely based off a pattern in Scarf Style. I borrowed this book from a colleague and will probably breakdown and purchase. I attempted the Moonlight pattern, but that just fell apart. I could probably try one more time. Hmmm....

Anyways, SNB at stix-n-stitches tonight. yeah! I wasn't able to go last week due to the teacher's convention in Atlantic City. Don't ever stand between a teacher and a free gift (especially tote bags).

On the bright side (sorta), I posted the pictures of the cat beds I made. Now, the pictures are blurry due to the lighting of the room and just suckiness of the camera. I finally got the whole felting thing down. I don't think I was agitating the beds long enough. Now, I got it and now I want to make more beds for friends and the holidays. Hahahaha....Yes, I have jumped on the bandwagon of delusional holiday knitting. I have two weeks to finish Grandma Sparkes' wrap and two paragraphs ago I started discussing doing a lace pattern... holiday madness.

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