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So, today was the first time Ben and I participated in a cat rescue. I would love to say we did the rescue but, well, we did part of it. Ben came home from work and saw two very tiny kittens in the parking lot, he runs upstairs and tells me let's go grab them. When we got down there, there was no kittens, however there was my neighbor's car. So he looks underneath the car and he sees two kittens sitting in the engine of the car. He goes to my neighbor's unit, and the husband is home but he doesn't have the keys and his wife won't be home for two hours. So, we wait outside, Ben grabs food, and we wait outside. We make an executive decision to leave wet food outside in the lot, and see what happens from our balcony (that conveniently has a view of the lot). After 20 minutes he sees cats by the food, so we run outside and make a dash for what appears to be a small kitten and a medium size kitten. Ironically, what we saw from the balcony was a tiny kitten and a momma sized cat. Anyways, both get away, one through the lot and tiny one into the car (yet again). So, I call my friend, Val, Super Woman, and wait (yet again). Now, this process happens a few more times. Friends of ours who live on the fourth floor are moving out and watching us run around. Eventually, Val calls us she is heading over with reinforcements and we take to the parking lot. Ben heads down and I follow because as you remember I am updating the website. As I get outside a see a pack of women in the front of the building, which I soon realize is not Val's reinforcements. So, I go to the parking lot (in back of the building) to see Val and Julie her reinforcement (Animal Control Officer from Bloomfield). Ok, so we are debating our strategy and we begin to suspect the pack of women includes our neighbor. I go to the front of the building (I might add in my pajamas) and hold the door for the pack of women (who are extremely nicely dressed....when is the last time had a girls night out?, anyways) I approach my neighbor, and she is cool with popping the hood, (take a breath there is more), so the neighbor, the neighbor's sister who is fascinated with this, and I all head to the parking lot where Ben, Val and Julie were setting up cat carriers. Lights are on two of the cars, carriers are spread around, Julie has a net, I have my pajamas, and we are ready to go.... Pop the hood, and the grey and white one takes off at which point his or her (we haven't confirmed) downfall was getting caught in the fence behind me, so Julie and I attempt to maneuver the kitten out of the fence. Eventually, the kitten wiggles through the fence into Julie's net. Ok, one down, one to go. The second one, a tabby, hung out in the engine, sitting peacefully not moving. We got it to climb down but then it was better in its original spot, and Val grabbed the kitten from the top of the engine. Second went into the carrier more easily. We all did our own evaluation to confirm no more kittens in neighbor's car, neighbor is happy although I do have to say I was asked a half dozen times how I knew kittens were in her car, but nonetheless we are all happy no kittens were harmed during this rescue.

Ok, I will put some pictures of the kitten up eventually, and we will determine names shortly. And the website was updated during this whole process.

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At 3:03 AM midnightscribe said...

loved your rescue story! :) planning sometime to tell on my blog how Tattnall my cat came into my life-rescued her & 3 sisters! keep up the good work!


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