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So, Ben and I have returned from Atlantic City and it was interesting. We are probably going to look into another time share next year. We saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on the Imax screen with 300 kids and I didn't have a panic attack as some of my friends would believe me to do. It was interesting, although, as a Johnny Depp fan, not one of my favorite. I have noticed this trend to not like Tim Burton films until I watch again and again and then I love. Very few directors have that skills, but he certainly does. By the time the movie hits cable repeat, I may be singing its praises.

I have a ton of things to do like update the Knit 4 PAWS site as so much has happened. We have celebrated 100 blankets donated. The knit-a-thon will end October 31, 2005, so it is crunch time. Hopefully, we can reach 200 blankets donated. The cats love them, and it is a great way to help out AND encourage your yarn stash buygin justification system (or at least mine). Speaking of which, I went to Stix and Stitches SNB and I put yarn aside to make the Big Bad Baby Blanket for an old co-worker, and I messed up the dates and they are now closed for vacation. Not to sound like a baby, but waaaaahahaahahahaahahah! So, I am working on a surprise project for someone who every so often looks into my blog.

Ah, not speaking of which, I have to start some fundraising for the shelter. I have a list which I call my BIG TO DO list and there are way too many things on the list. I wish I could do this work full time, seriously, I wish I could coordinate these things as my job, but sadly this will not happen for a while.

Well, I must get back to work and post the new t-shirts on the Knit 4 PAWS site. I hope they do well.

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