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The Knit Out in the Park in Verona went very well. We had six folks in total and had eight blankets donated which is great. I will probably upload these same photos plus ones of the blankets to the website.

We started at 12pm. Joan and I were the first ones there, and then we were surprised to be greeted by Ed from the newspaper to take photos. We then were greeted with Linda, Katie, Eva and Ed. We migrated over to the bench right by the water and the boathouse and sat down to knit and crochet for the afternoon.

I have to say I have not been outside (working two jobs) this spring or summer, and this was the first day I spent outside and I had a blast. The company was great, the people so friendly, and I was able to knit, just knit in the sun (my red face proves it). I was so content, it was fabulous! Linda has volunteered to make a banner for the next event so people know where to meet us, and we have a few more ideas.

It was a great time, I am so happy to have the folks attend that did, and thank you for the support!

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