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So, I do need to post the pics of the results of felting my blankets, not my blankets, but the two cat beds I was working on. The first one was for Ella and was pink and actually came out nice. The second one was used from yarn from vairous garage sales and one bargain bin. The issue is that the second I soon learned wasn't all wool and thus part of the bed felted and the other yarn got bigger. So... that will now be a cat blanket in the knit 4 paws.

I just got back from SNB, and it was exciting because we had just been announced in Barista. We are excited about the yarn stores opening. I have to put my online purchases on hold, so I go shopping when the stores have their grand opening.

I am now working on a wrap for my sister-in-law in various turqouise color yarns. I knit around two rows each way into the commute, and then a few more at home. This may take a while, but I am going to be knitting this weekend....

Oh! I need a nap.

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