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Well, I have finally picked up the cat blanket again. I decided to be all creative, and somehow when that statement involves yarn everything goes pear shaped (English phrase). So, now I just need to finish so I can start knitting a few more blankets, or a shawl. I want to knit something, I know! Basketweave scarf, I like, I just need to buy the actual yarn for the project instead of the yarn that satisfies my color palette.

This Friday, we should be getting a new desk (hooray!) but the company doesn't want to deliver the desk on the weekend they have proposed the middle of a weekday, and which point I need to explain that in order for us to afford the desk we work like most people (not all people) during the weekday. My knit 4 paws t-shirt has arrived, and after a few tweaks the store will be up and running. We should also receive our foot stool/Monica's stash holder tomorrow, which I am super excited to see and rest my feet on. Yeah, we haven't done any major fix up jobs around the place just acquiring furniture that fits our lifestyle. The cats are overjoyed, well at least Izzy is as he sits on everything new that enters the home.

On a primo score, I picked up some Illumination candles at $12 for large candles which is a great price, usually the lowest is $15. I picked up a full stock which should last us four-six months.

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At 3:35 PM Kristina said...

You are doing such great work for the shelter! Thank you so much!!!




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