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So, I spent my memorial day weekend knitting in the round, which is a first for me. I started the strawberry hat at m Stitch and Bitch, but then I had to unravel it when I realized it had taken an amorphous shape. On Saturday, I finished the strawberry hat which is great because I can give to Olivia. After I learned how to complete the hat with the double pointed needles, I then thought that I should attempt Wendy's Kitty Bed which is the opposite, you start with the double pointed needles and end with a circular needle.

The yarn I ordered from Knit Happens and Ben actually picked the color. We picked some fun fur from Lion Brands for the trim. I have to work at the second job this week, probably all week, so I have no idea how much knitting I will get done.

I was supposed to do the work this weekend but that didn't happen. I was supposed to post photos on the website but I didn't. I was supposed to be at my folks place but I wasn't. Ah, the long lists of "I didn't"s.

Ben and I did have a good meal at On the Border, we did have a good time at our friend's barbecue (thanks Wendy!) where our friend's husband only slightly scared us with two hours of "I am Team America!" (but we still want to see the movie). We did hit the mall and pick up some little goodies. We did order my ipod case (yeah!). We did pay our vehicle registration. Unfortunately, we ran out of movies to watch in our dvd collection, so we did pull out the Freddy vs Jason (someone lent us), and watching....

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