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Today was the Raymond's fundraiser "PAWS for a bite" by which the restaurant donated a portion of the proceed's to PAWS. Anytime you plan an event there is a nervous energy, will anyone come, will too many people come, will it be a failure, will it be a mess? Ironically, yesterday in the New York Times published a wonderful write-up of Raymond's, so luck was on our side, so.... it was great! I have no idea yet what the total amount came to be, but it was packed. I brought some handouts for the shelter, for the knit-a-thon, and our adoptable cat and dog books designed by Carol (picture below). So, my friends Anna and Ulli came down for the dinner, and we were walking over to Raymond's (running casually late), when I get a call from Kristina telling me there is a line outside the restaurant. Raymond's I have confirmed seats 100 people, and there were lined up waiting for tables. There was a line until 7:45/8:00 pm, which is great! Well, I am sorry people had to wait, but at the same time it was great weather outside and that works well for us. I have posted photos below, so enjoy....hopefully tomorrow I will have more details on the amount raised (in the back of my mind it doesn't matter we had a lot of people supporting the shelter and we had great exposure).

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