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Not really, but it just sounded like a title in my head. Ben and I just got back from the cat socializing group and wah! I want to take more kitties home, but I can't. I adore my cats, but even now I need to spend more time with my kitties. Today was an interesting day. I am sleepy.

Well, after breakfast at Raymond's and running into Kristina, Ben and I then did a few tasks at home. I updated the knit 4 paws website and then we went to the Senior Care Center. I met Anastacia, Mary, Rose, Marian, Julia, and Simone, who all have been knitting cat blankets for the shelter. Sadly, our dogs our too big for blankets and we are nervous the blankets won't last. So, we though we could raise funds by selling a few of the blankets and buy Kuranda dog beds. The dog beds are virtually indestructible and it would be better than them sleeping on the concrete floor. Wendy has posted the announcement of the knit-a-thon on her page, so yeah! We have received a few emails of people donating yarn. Oh, I digress... I then went to the hospital to visit my grandfather. He is 92 and not doing so well, mentally he is quick, and still has a good sense of humor, but anyways, I now sad, so I will change the subject, then we went to Verona Park to take pictures of where the knit out will be, and then we went home so I can have a work related call, and then we went to PAWS for cat social group.

Yup, a lot of activity. AND!

BEST OF ALL! Ok, well not best, but pretty exciting, I got my organizer from the Organized Knitter, and I love it! It is perfect, and I seriously love it, AND I got my sheep tape measure from Knit Happens. I was reading on Kristine's blog that they ship their items in really cool bags that are perfect to store stash and she is right. I feel like I should order the bamboo yarn to justify getting more knit happens stash bags. Hmmm...ok look at pictures from my busy day....

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