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So, I think I had a moment of mental sanity, but it was long overdue and necessary. I bought a tote bag for my knitting and I bought a needle organizer from the Organized Knitter. My hubby is buying a basket to put my stash in and other than that I just need to sit and knit. I finally picked up the yarn that I bought from the Yarn Connection (I had no pattern in my head for the yarn it just felt so nice) and now I feel like the only thing I can make with it is a scarf. Sadly, after starting a stockinette stitch, it is curling so I will most likely take apart and start again but something else.

I picked up this pattern at Seaport Yarns last week for a shawl, a very complicated shawl. Now, I picked up blue heron yarn to knit the shawl, but when I got it home and took out of the sleeve it came in -I realized the pattern is three pages long and that just overwhelmed me. I have to look up a few items listed, and practice before I start.

I stopped by Purl on Wednesday to meet a friend. I liked the store, but I am not at the knitting sweater stage, and I am so drowning in yarn that I may have to save buying yarn for another trip. I just wanted to see the store and see what yarns were inside.

I have begun reviewing the NY Yarn Store list Katie has on her blog, and I am slowly making it through the list. Ah, tomorrow I will attempt the shawl or....pedicure? Hmmmm....

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