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So, this post is long overdue as well.... Obviously, the Gates are now gone. But, we went and admired them (didn't understand them, but admired them!). I had to go into the office anyways. so we decided to make a day of it. We went to the Metropolitan (Ben had never been) and went to the Garden Balcony to have a bird's eye view of the extravaganza. To be honest, not really worth the $15 we paid each to have this view, BUT, we did spend the next three to four hours walking around the museum. We saw the Egyptian exhibit, the one on fashion sponsored by Roberto Cavalli (spelling?), we saw mummys and statues, Tiffany glass, and the Modern section (which is always my favorite). We saw some Jackson Pollock, Chuck Close (?), and some colorful things (see the colors below).

From there, we walked through the Gates and listened to everyone talking about the Gates. Grabbed an ovrepriced and undersized hot dog, to then attempt to find the Chocolate Bar. Never found the Chocolate Bar, but we did find Mr. Pink which was featured on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and then went to my office. From there, we went to a New Orleans restaurant, where I had Jambalaya and Ben enjoyed some baby back ribs.

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