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Happy New Year! We spent new year's with Law & Order marathons, a home cooked meal, frozen champagne, and sticky toffee pudding. It was nice to be home with DH and the zoo (lots of furbabies) and relaxed. In fact, it was the first time in a few weeks we were home at the same time so our time together was cherished.

Knitting Updates: I finished the second sleeve of Mr. Greenjeans (sans cables). I am going to pick up for the collar in a little bit so that either Wednesday or Thursday I can pick out buttons. Yeah! Did I mention this is the first time I am making buttonholes.

Also, I un-did the bind off on the Purple Gable split and spliced some more yarn and continued the ribbing for six more rows. So far, no curling is occurring. A couple folks recommended this as it seems the belief was that the stockinette was overwhelming the little bit of rib.

And it is official- a few of us are attempting to tackle the Hex Coat by Norah Gaughan in Knitting Nature. I placed my order for Lopi Lite which will be my first time knitting a garment with this yarn. I picked a neutral green color. Kelly will be knitting it in Ultra Alpaca, and three other folks are knitting in Lopi Lite. We will attempt to get together to offer support as it is my understanding it can be slightly tricky and the moss stitch can be tiresome. I am so excited!

Other Updates: We finally watched 300 and I really liked it (granted I was probably hiding behind some knitting during the more gruesome scenes). Maya has visited the dog park four times and loves it! Whole Foods has this mini sticky toffee pudding that is fabulous!
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At 9:17 PM cpurl17 said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day!

At 9:53 PM Beverly said...

I love the Hex Coat! I received that book as a Christmas gift and that coat is my favorite piece in the whole book. Good luck with it!

At 8:12 AM elan said...

Happy New Year, sounds like a lovely evening. Loved 300 but then I'm a big comic book fan & a Classical Studies major and how often do you get something that satisfies that.

At 9:55 AM Kim said...

Both sweaters are looking beautiful! I must lookup the Hex Coat on Ravelry to check it out. I also psent New Year's watching Law & Order marathons.

At 10:24 PM Ina said...

Sweaters are looking great! Hm... you've reminded me I've got a Norah Gaughan UFO flapping around that oughta be finished or frogged.

At 6:24 PM Ann said...

Happy New Year to you too & thanks for visiting my blog. Your Greenjeans look great & it's on my list too but I have to wait for cooler weather to start knitting it.


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