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Well, Cyn is right I promised to post about last weekend's knitting extravaganza. I visited my close (and pregnant) friend Anna and her DH Ulli. I actually only arrived a half hour late to City Island. Ulli was not too pleased as it seemed that Anna had informed him I was going to be there two hours earlier so he was cleaning for longer than originally anticipated. I was brought to Scarsdale, NY, which I commented as being "cute". One house in Scarsdale probably exceeds the amount of money my whole family makes combined in their entire lifetime. The center of town is like out of a movie with tudor style appearance. While Ulli disappeared in the wine store we were absorbed, overwhelmed, and enthralled with Sticks and Strings.

They had Koigu. I have heard so much about Koigu from Stacey's blog. It was my first time seeing the Koigu. Margaret is under the impression we were introduced to Koigu at Rhinebeck, however I refreshed her memory that we were in a booth when someone yelled "Koigu" and thirty hands piled over the small bookcase. Nope, never saw Koigu. So, I marvelled at the wall. I also fell in love with a skull and crossbones t-shirt but was not able to convince myself it was within my budget (damn, it was cute though).

I saw new yarns and saw new things as Anna inquired about cashmere. She was being helped by Laura Z. who is the designer of Rambling Rose in the Winter Interweave Knits. I was oblivious to the conversation until she looks at me and says, "So, I am going to give you the pattern and will you knit the baby blanket for me?" I love Anna, she is like a sister, so at first I admit I pouted primarily because I had a cable knit pattern picked out for her child, but she really wants something special for her child so I obliged. As Laura pointed out, "How can you say no, it is cashmere." She was right as well. I have a bag of extremely expensive yarn and my largest concern is that the kitties do not develop a deep loving affection to chew it.

Afterwards, we hit Cheesecake Factory. Yummy. I had a chicken artichoke soup and the New Orleans pasta. Then, we stopped off at the mystery of mysteries. We stop off at the kitsch of all that is kitschy. The house is visible from across the highway (very Griswald Christmas) and the music can be heard down the block, the lines of people rival those of any NY department store, and the glitz was dripping like a Liberace jacket. The mechanical mannequins dressed in gowns included Cher, Marilyn Monroe, Beauty and Beast, Santa Claus, the Rockettes, and yes Liberace himself with a rotating chandelier. The nativity scene was decked in rhinestones as the camel glittered with sparklies. Finally after some finessing it is called the Garabedian House (check out the link although the photos include some other homes look for mannequins). My friends have promised to bring me and DH on New Years.

After this, we relaxed at their home. Relax is an interesting word as Anna presented me with a baby sweater in Koigu (yummy) with some dropped stitches. After frogging it and re-knitting it, she then presented me with several sweaters. She has been knitting up a storm and even made serious progress on some cashmere booties.

The next day I headed back to the Garden State and was at stix for the day. I was sporting my Knitting is Knotty t-shirt from Olympia. No, I have not started knitting the blanket as the closing was Monday.

Ah, the closing. All went well except they left us with one key which was peculiar considering they had two doors with two different locks. Then, we discovered the upstairs floor needed work so we coordinated someone to refinish. Quick and well done. DH scheduled the van and moved furniture and boxes Friday. Tuesday we have the professional movers for the large pieces. We are thinking of bringing one of the more brave cats to the house on Sunday to investigate. We put some of their stuff in the house so that it does have their odor.

Anyways, I still need to post about Margaret's Christmas gift which blew me away but that requires photos and that means the post will come later.

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