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Kitty gifts from Auntie Annie and Uncle Ulli. That is too funny AA and UU. I forgot to take a picture of their new cat condo.

We placed the new cat scratching post on the balcony for the cats to rub up against and put their scent. It is nothing over the top but I think will be nice for them in the new home. The height is perfect for them to lie down and look out the window while the bottom part if lovely for scratching.

We took Izzy to the vet this morning for some routine shots and we had him microchipped. The vet recommended the Feliway products which is a plug in that distributes cat pheromones which help calm them. So she recommends putting them in our current home and then relocating to the new house when we move.

I had packed some of their cat beds with lots of fur and relocated to the new house. The previous owners had two beautiful cats and so we need to make sure the house smells like our furbabies for them to acclimate.

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