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No knitting news, pretty much working on the house, ignoring school, and watching Battlestar Galactica. I did want to share that if you ever suspect the neighbors living above you might be wrestling when there is a lot of banging you could very well be right. Last night, the usual suspects at 9:30 had a lot of banging. We shook it off until we realized 15 minutes into the noise they weren't stopping and well no one was ruining our season premiere of Galactica. After DH knocks on door to request the cease of banging he confirms they had a friend over doing martial arts.

Yup. This was much louder than Tuesday night when at 11pm (and yes we are in bed because we both have early starts to the morning) they had noises like they were moving furniture in the bedroom for an hour.

Yup. The house is looking more beautiful than ever before.

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