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PAWS Animal Shelter hosts an annual Holiday Bazaar which sells handcrafted items like pet toys, knitted items, jewelry and baked goods. (I have actually been recruiting friends to donate knitted items as we have had a decline in scarves, hats and such).

What we do have is Elizabeth who crochets balls for cats and sews catnip mice (so adorable) and makes dog bone wreaths which you will not find anyplace else. If you are interested in some special gifts for your cat or dog for the holidays definitely stop over in two weeks in Montclair (and you can stop by stix-n-stitches where I will not be that weekend or modern yarn).

In recent years the governing officials in Montclair have been attempting to shut down this shelter in favor of using cheaper services. Translation cheaper means lesser quality as well as animals being euthanized more quickly. While, PAWS does not claim to be a no-kill shelter it is only used for sick animals where other options have been reviewed. So, this Bazaar is considered critical. All the money goes directly to the shelter where their largest costs have been medical costs. If you have any questions please email me at as I will be there the whole weekend (from dawn til dusk) working.

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At 3:13 PM Jaime said...

I may have to stop by - Montclair's not TOO far from where I live; I know I passed it on the way to Rhinebeck and went, "Oh, so THAT's where Montclair is". ;) My mom would get such a kick out of a dogbone wreath for her puppy.

I got your blog comment - my theories class is going over everything, from Freud to Adler (which is what I used for my paper, because me + Freud = pulling out hair) to REBT and back. Are you a psych major too? :)


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