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The compromise with DH is that he got the new re-re-release of the Star Wars trilogy (the good original set made in the 1970-1980's because I am still in denial over the last few made) and I got yarn to make my sweater. Saturday night, Margaret came over, we ordered some Tinga, and watched Luke, Leigh, and Hans Solo meet for the first time. We pretty much talked about nothing, did some knitting, and hung out.

After Peg left, we put on Empire Strikes Back. We finished watching Empire this morning and proceeded on to Return of the Jedi. Here's the title: "Illusions of grandeur". In Empire C3PO says to R2D2 that he had illusions of grandeur when he tried to fix the hyperdrive on the Millenium Falcon. OK, no big deal. Until we watched Return, when Hans Solo said that Luke had illusions of grandeur thinking he was a Jedi knight.

The point to the story? I got an adorable picture of Churchill resting on my lap while I did more knitting on the Wrap Sweater watching a great film.

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