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I finished the second cable hat last night at sns. I used the leftover skein of Malabrigo which I picked up from knitny (I had made the mistake rib scarf). The last hat was a little small so I decided to do a few more rows and it fits nicely. I was at the sit and knit for the first half hour, I had to leave for my Thursday night class. However, I will be there next week. I hope to have casted on my sweater by then. Oh yes. I did say it, ahem, type it. I am starting my first sweater. Ok, technically I did make a sweater for Gracie, but that was a baby sweater. I am going to make an adult woman's sweater for me. More on that later.
Puffy was the first one to smell the hat. She thought it was a nice color which compliments her well. She felt that as the Puffy she should check out the hat.

BTW, my greatest pleasure walking from sns to my car was a stopover at the liquor store on Glenridge Ave. and I see a young man with a ferret on his shoulder go into the store. OMG! I love ferrets, and I ran into that store to pet Scout. Scout had a red collar and a bell and had a fan club of folks petting him. Interestingly enough I told the story to DH and he mentions he saw a woman walking a ferret in the same area. We think it is Scout.

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At 7:29 PM The Crafty Weasel said...

Ohh weasels! They're the best creatures in the world! :-) Thank you for the good thoughts for Pipoca. She is recovering from surgery and we'll pick her up tomorrow!


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