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Ok, let's begin with the packing. Izzy was sulking the whole time we were packing and when we turned around there he was sitting on top of the luggage. Notice the grip on the luggage by our baby, "Don't Leave!". But leave we did, and arrive was not as easy thanks to delays in Newark making us leave a half hour later, congestion landing which delayed us a half hour, a truck breaking down so our plane was delayed a half hour to reach the docking station, and then the conveyor belt which delivered the luggage broke causing another delay.

A word of advice on mapquest in England. Double the time. When we finally landed we got our car and paid $100 USD for gas (oh yes, complain all we want gas in the US is cheap compared to others). So, off we went to Monmouth in Wales to visit a Habedashery called B's Hive. While mapquest forecasted 1.5 hours, it was closer to 3 hours. While mapquest forecasted 1.5 hours to get to Bruton after that, it took more than 3 hours (and yes we were speeding as we were incredibly late). Most importantly, I picked up Colinette yarn which I will discuss and post photos of later.

We got to Bruton late missed the caravan and assumed to head off in their direction looking for Orchardleigh. The estate was beautiful and we rested. I can go off on a few tangents about cultural shock except I have been to England way too many times to forget this stuff.

1. Brewed coffee is not an option (coffee is instant)
2. Sugar is not commonly used in tea (expect stares or comments)
3. Sugar is not often used in desserts (but chocolate is widely accepted)
4. Whip cream is whipped cream so it is not sweet
5. People will ask you "Are you okay?" what they mean is "how are you?". It still throws me off and when you are jetlagged and tired you feel like you are being evaluated.
6. Kissing when done as a greeting is often on both cheeks. (My family does one cheek)
7. Certain things are acceptable to discuss that are considered strange here, and things we sometimes discuss without care is offensive there.
8. Wedding speeches are done after the meal.
9. The read cards of people who could not attend the wedding for 10-15 minutes.
10. The wedding is so much longer than the US wedding. The ceremony (UK it is service) was an hour (not bad), the cocktail hour was an hour (not bad), the dinner was 3 hours (just sitting and talking a little long), and then the dancing was all night (which was really cool).
11. Did I mention there is no brewed coffee so when they serve dessert or cake there was none?
12. Because the bride's family is responsible for the wedding there is no groom-mother dance which I think is okay.
12a. The wedding cake is fruitcake.
13. Women wear lots of hats, colorful feathery hats.

Now, at this point, let me tell you the camera's batteries died so I was only able to squeeze two shots of the wedding. I really wish it didn't I think the hats were fun and fabulous. Very fascinating. And I wish I had the camera because I do take pride in my photos and I wanted photos of the beautiful cake, the dress, the church, the location, and candid shots of people (as the photographer mostly did posed shots).

I am extremely happy to be home. I ordered Chinese food the first night and everything was ordered spicy. I am going to go make some coffee now. Brewed, fresh, wonderful smelling Puerto Rican coffee and I am going to drink the whole thing.

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Heh heh heh!! Ahhh I miss the English!!! :-)


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