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I think I vote Colinette. Ok, so my dilemma is I am going to the UK for several days and I am determined to hit a yarn store. The thing is I really want to make a sweater for me to wear. Sadly, I am noticing all their yarn is really bulky. Sheila gave me some Colinette yarn samples to play with and some of their books, but yet again, I am lost for what to buy and make. I like their Fandango (18 st/10 cm) and Skye (18 st/10 cm). Does anyone have recommendations for Colinette yarn?

Oh-BTW. We have five kittens living next door to our building and through the wonderful work of Sandy Reynolds, Humane Montclair, three of them are now at PAWS Animal Shelter (see photo above). Sandy, DH, and I were outside for over an hour attempting to trap the furry critters (full of mosquito bites and all). We are aiming to grab the other two as well as get Mom and Dad fixed. Humane Montclair is a trap-neuter-release program and so far they have captured 239 cats. It is amazing work they do and I just wanted to let everyone know. They only work in the Montclair, but if you can help them out with donation of food or money it is a worthwhile organization. One of the neighbors in our units has already started the paperwork to adopt two of the kittens, so hopefully that will work out well.

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At 10:02 AM The Crafty Weasel said...

Oh the kitties are so cute!!

Where will you be in the UK? London has quite a few yarn stores and some knitting groups if you want to join them for a day of knitting.

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