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I spent my sunday afternoon at sns knitting with Sunday and Mary. I was making some progress on the Debbie Bliss baby sweater in the Lily Chin yarn (which btw I am not a huge fan). Anyways, Mary tells me about this knitting detective Miss Marple. The show is from England and is shown on PBS every so often. I thought to myself, hmm knitting makes me happy, English tv will make my English husband happy, so we may actually watch this together. Lo and behold, we enjoyed the show. In fact, the next Miss Marple movie will be July 9th at 9pm on PBS and we are super excited. I tried locating a photo of Miss Marple knitting with no success. But, obviously, the bag she is holding in this picture is a knitting bag.

Other than that, I have officially learned my lesson. Three graduate courses in the summer is too much for me. I am quickly reaching my "I don't care" threshold which happens usually 3/4 of the way through one course. So, I am going to attempt to jump ahead with my papers so that all I will have remaining is readings and weekly journals. On the bright side, I will have six courses done at the beginning of August.

Lastly, DH and I have been looking at houses. We have been motivated by our neighbors who enjoy vacuuming at 10pm, blasting music at 11pm, yelling, stomping feet, and after three times of knocking on their door they have calmed down. Sadly, that is our greatest inspiration to move. We are probably looking at something tiny but affordable. On the other hand, this means that we need to clean up our clutter in the home as well as clean up final home improvement projects. I know that Peony is waiting for her closing and I wish her luck as it is stressful but oh so rewarding.

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At 12:24 AM Julsey said...

I think my previous comment never made it...damn internet connection!

Just wanted to let you know that we're closing on 7/17, and have a TON of stuff to do before and after we move!

If you need any help or advice as you're doing a search, I've got tons of resources now, so let me know!

At 12:19 PM The Crafty Weasel said...

Oh I so know what it is to have neighbours like that!! That is why we moved and sold our apartment in Hackensack! Montclair is lovely, though! Good luck finding a house you like! :-)

At 2:55 AM CynCyn said...

moving is the best motivator to get rid of what you've collected, but don't need. i'm certainly not looking forward to that myself. good luck finding a house you like!
and, three classes? that's full load during a normal semester, you crazy woman!


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