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Who knits? Wendy knits. That's right. You might have noticed this banner on Wendy's blog knitted by L-B. Truly amazing. Where to begin? Well, let's start with this afternoon when I showed up at stix-n-stitches and there was Wendy chilling at the back table where our Thursday night group gathers. I recognized her from the website and immediately was excited. Wendy was so gracious to mention the knit-a-thon we hosted for the shelter and I was grateful, not only that but the charitable work she does is amazing. So, I grabbed the book for my friend with initials AP (granted my friend reads this blog, I just don't want her DH who also reads this blog to buy her the book as it is her stocking stuffer for next Christmas), and I head to the back where this very nice lady was having a long conversation/interview with Wendy. I took some pictures of L-B's banner and mentioned to Wendy, "You can always tell who are the bloggers". Wendy signed the books and Margeret's book as well (who wasn't there because of family commitments). Well, a few moments latter, a crowd of excited knitters arrived. And let me tell you they were excited. Wendy was about to start a reading from her book, but one woman was so star struck -she didn't sit down in the chair. After a few minutes, she was able to sit and sit next to Wendy. Well, she did a great reading and there was tons of conversation at the table. It was as if we were sitting at the Thursday night group, knitters sitting around the table having friendly conversation and laughing. Then it somehow turned into a photo session. In fact, I took a picture of the people taking pictures of Wendy. Afterwards,Remy stopped by and spoke to Wendy, and all of us were knitting in the back. It was a great time.

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At 10:14 PM --Deb said...

She was really nice, wasn't she? Definitely a knitter I'd enjoy hanging out with.

At 9:21 PM trek said...

Thanks for telling me about recognizing Julsey from her (my) sock bag!

Wanna bag?


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