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Izzy was checking out the acquirements, or rather taking inventory of my new projects. The sale at stix-n-stitches was wonderful. Everything was on sale, including Noro (which I couldn't indulge in, wah), and Cascade, and notions. It was a knitter's dream and I was on a limited budget.

I did run into Julsey who we have exchanged emails but never met in person. I recognized her from Trek's sock bag. We had a blast. I met Karen a knitting co-worker and we spent an hour touching and dreaming about the yarns and future projects. So, now that Izzy has introduced my small stash purchase, let me elaborate.

BTW, Margaret text messaged me five minutes before the start of sale to pick up Lush for the button hat pattern which I emailed her the night before. Is there an acronym for stash related enabling?

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At 2:32 PM Julsey said...

Izzy is so cute! It was really great meeting you live! Sorry I missed out on Wendy...but the day got Cr-azY!

I see you started a bloglines subscription! You can import your blog list into the sidebar of your blog super easily too!!

Are you knitting on thursday at SNS? If so, Karen and I will join you!!


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