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Ella was the first cat introduced in our home. Actually, DH recommended I look into adopting a cat before he moved to the US. On Easter 2004, for some reason I stopped by PAWS (I think I was bored that afternoon) and I met Ella. She was tiny and chirping up a storm in the cage. They called her Ditto. She had an unusual face and I thought she was incredibly friendly. Later I learned she was in heat and that's why she was friendly.

Ella was my first cat I owned, so when she was in heat and walking around crouching down and crying for some loving, I was definitely thrown for a loop. That's no longer going to happen (her being in heat- snip snip). One morning Ella woke me up by dropping off my hair clip in front of me on the bed. Ella is an extremely shy creature who sometimes can be found relaxing in the bathroom sink. Like all our cats she enjoys the occasional nap in an Amazon or Staples box, and she frequently is cuddling with Churchill.

In the picture above Ella has chosen that the paper bag from a local store is a better bed than the Lorna's Laces Kitty pi bed. Oh yes, she did chose the paper bag (don't worry Ninna has taken over that bed). Ella still chirps and that's why is named after Ella Fitzgerald for her skat singing capability (notice a musician theme, particularly a Jazz theme?). Oh yeah and we enjoy picking her up because she makes noises like a monkey (she doesn't enjoy being picked up, but the noises are so cute).

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