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All words to describe how I feel right now. I decided to get an extreme jump on my Master's and registered for four courses this summer. One class is a pre-session which means I have no life and that my brain is fried. The class is Monday through Thursday from 5:30 to 8pm. Ok, I know you are thinking maybe not so bad, except now add on the two to three hours of reading that needs to get done, and throw on the working full time, and toss in that mixture a major proposal as a project (not even the final). This is my first week. Each night contained over 100 pages of dense reading. I explained to DH that he would need to pick up the slack for the next month and the kitties would adjust to this strange alteration in the schedule. The night before the class I downloaded the syllabus and read half the reading (which was a good thing because it was over a 125 pages of dense material) and every night I have gone to bed late. What is worse my neighbors have decided this is the week they play their stereo and entertain guests at 11pm each night (please remember I am in education so I am up at the crack of dawn). Agh! The second night of intense readings, her Puffiness sat on my readings in protest or in an attempt for attention. Anyways, she later acquiesced and is chilling on the seat assisting me with effective qualities of a group leader.

On the knitting front. Nothing. Wah! Other than my 45 minute excursion to the sns knitting circle on Thursday, I have knit or touched yarn. This is a horrible existence but brief. This is only temporary. I will be leaving my home tomorrow for the sns super sale. As it has been explained to me everything will be on sale. So, that is a great reason to have distance from the books. And then I head over in the afternoon to meet Wendy. This will be fun!

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