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Well, despite my difficulty pronouncing Clapotis, I have begun the project with enthusiasm. I was methodical and precise with my yarn selection and although the pattern calls for Lorna's Laces, I went with something different and solid color in an apple green. I grabbed my coffee, sat down with pattern printed from the Clapotis Support Group, stitch markers, pencil, yarn, needles, and the patience of a well,..... uhm,..... whatever creature is patient. I was at the LYS so various locals came and went, Annie, Jamie, a few others, and I patiently counted my stitches, double checked my new stitches, and knitted on. I am in the fifth repeat of the second section, so I am increasing. This pattern scared me to death, but considering I have the week off, I am determined to challenge my knitting skills and accomplish something this week.

With that said I came across this on another's blog (I forgot the origin site, my apologies), but for all those who thought the Knitted Uterus was well, weird, check out how you can crochet another part of the woman. Which brings me to this intriguing question, why? Really, why?

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At 8:22 PM The Crafty Weasel said...

I checked that site and... wow! People with a lot of time on their hands!

At 11:59 PM Julsey said...

she's kidding right? crocheted crotch? Umm...people pay for that? What about posting a patten so we all can enjoy it (haha!)


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