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Huh? Yeah, that's what Ben is making for dinner tonight. One small miscalculation. It appears the recipe calls for 1.5 pounds of salmon and we only defrosted maybe a half pound (which makes maybe two salmon burgers?). So, he has ventured off to the store in search of one pound of salmon to complete his mission.

We did a little cleaning up when I returned from work today and due to the lovely weather, I do believe my spring cleaning buzz is kicking in. We organized our bills and paperwork, tomorrow, I may brave cleaning the balcony which has become a haven for excessive excesses.

I did want to update on recent projects. I have to make an effort to take photos of all the goods. My order of Knitpicks yarn arrived on Monday. Ironic. The yarn I need to complete the HP scarf arrives after the weekend. Anyways, I progressed a bar and hope to finish in a week. The HP scarf took a slight delay because I was focusing on a new Big Bad Baby Blanket. Also, completed is my SIL's new skinny scarf in her favorite color. Other than that, you might notice a navy blue and grey in the Knitpicks order which is for my (yes MY) Ravenclaw scarf.

On the news front, it appears we will be traveling to England in August for Ben's sister's wedding. I have already scoped out two possibilities to pick up Colinette yarn, but I should probably determine a project now so I know exactly how much I need, etc.

Now, I must return to my reality and feed the cats before the join forces to overthrow our home.

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