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For those who love all things Harry Potter, check out Whimsic Alley. The store is located in Southern California and was actually designed by a movie set designer to resemble Daigon Alley (there are lots of pictures). They sell all the houses ties, scarves, sweaters, and cool candy items. They even sell wands!

Otherwise, I have just placed my trusty order with KnitPicks for the remaining yarn needed for the Gryffindor scarf and the Ravenclaw scarf. Money used was through a scrapbooking project for a friend. Speaking of, I received the nicest thank you from the recipient on ym answering machine which brought a smile and tear to my eyes. By the time the next HP film is in the theatre we will be sportin' our scarves.

2 threads:

At 2:16 AM CynCyn said...

Wouldn't it be SO fun if there was an amusement park modeled after Hogwarts?

At 3:26 PM Jenifer said...

Hey there Monica! I love the title of your blog. And as for the HP stuff ... good luck finishing! I'm dying to make my son a hogwarts sweater or something like that next year. Cute poncho, too -- I bet it's so comfy in Rio de la Plata. Take care!


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