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Ben and I were enjoying tv when a commercial for a Sci Fi made for tv movie came on about a volcano attacking New York. Ben looks to me and asks, "What hasn't attacked NY in the movies?" (Disclaimer: As someone who worked in NY for the two most recent historical incidents I only ask this in humor and not to disrespect).

So far what we remember has attacked NY in the movies:

  1. An oversized monkey (King Kong)
  2. An oversize Lizard (Godzilla)
  3. Aliens (Independence Day)
  4. An oversized tidal wave (Deep Impact)
  5. Freezing temperatures (Day After Tomorrow)
  6. Insects (Mimic-I think it was NY)
  7. Oversized Stay Puff Marshmallow Man (Ghostbusters)
  8. Oversized Ooze/Goo/Slime (Ghostbusters 2)
  9. Zombies (we can't think of a film, but we are 100% there is one)
  10. Neo-Nazis (Die Hard with A Vengeance)

Can you think of any others? Maybe squirrels?

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