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Who is having the best week ever? Well, it was not me, rather it was Rufus, the tan and white English Bull Terrier who won the Westminster Kennel Show. The reason this has been celebrated in our household is due to the fact my husband had a Bully in the UK and we are planning on getting one when we buy a home. Rufus won due to his perfectly egg shaped head. Another reason it is exciting Rufus won is that he is the first one of his breed to win the Best in Show title that's correct, no other colored English Bull Terrier has won this title (something I noticed a while ago). And the last reason, we have been following this pooch's visit to tvland and newspaper articles is that he is from Jersey, that is, New Jersey. Our Garden State.

We congratulate, our fellow Jerseyans, Rufus and his owners.

On other news. I started my new job on Thursday and after two aleve and twelve hours of sleep, I was ready for my second day. It is anything but boring and there are challenges abound. Ironically, I have next week off. My introduction to education has been fun. I can honestly, I will enjoy my first week. My second week might be a little different.

I am almost to ten bars on the Harry Potter scarf. I promise to post pictures. I have to double check if the scarf calls for 13 or 14 bars. However, that is almost complete.

As far as the Harlot's poncho, I am on my fourth skein of Rio yarn and it is looking pretty nice, but more importantly, it feels soft and warm. I am getting my courage to make another poncho of sorts, but that will come after the Big Bad Baby Blanket. Oh yes. Oh yes, another BBBB. I was able to grab some Scoubi Du yarn on sale from s-n-s and so it will become a blanket for the unnamed and ungendered (yet) husband's cousin's baby. News travels slow from the UK contingency to the US contingency, therefore, I bought the multicolored (white, blue, pink, yellow, and green) yarn. Anyways, fingers crossed. I should finish the poncho in time for the end of the Olympics.

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