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Modular Knitting that is! I went to a workshop at s-n-s yesterday called Modular Knitting. Our teacher was Iris Schreier. I was incredibly excited because Iris was one of the authors of Exquisite Little Knits, the book I continuously mention on this blog. She also wrote Modular Knits which is truly amazing. In the beginning of class she brought and displayed over three bags of knitted items from the books. All patterns were made from Artyarns and were oh so lovely. The artyarns are really fabulous and for those interested in the clapotis, check out their gallery on their website.

So, now I have a third scarf pattern on the needles. Notice I said third scarf pattern, there are several other projects on the needles. Now as much as I would love to buy things off of Oprah's recommended holiday gift list, I don't have her bank account. I don't fear purchasing gifts for my friends, it is the fear of gift purchasing for my relatives. I don't know what to buy my dad, dvd's he will accept but never watch, clothes he will accept but never wear, hobbies he does not have (except sleeping on the sofa and bargain hunting at Walmart), so I am left in a quandary. My mom doesn't have hobbies, still has her Victoria's Secret gift certificates from two years ago (and that does include the one my friend gave her), and isn't into fancy things (in fact I think she is programmed against any item costing more than $50, did I menton garage sale diva here?). The dilemma becomes what can I give them in addition to the scarves I am making them. The easiest family member is Blake the family dog and the kids (our cats) who think everything has catip inside of it. Ideas?

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