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This weekend Ben had both days off, so we we took a day trip to upstate New York. We first stopped off at Cornwall. This is a tiny tiny town, but we found this great place called Fiddlesticks and the food was really good. Yummy! Then, we drove right down the road to the Storm King Art Center. This is a huge property full of sculptures. Over a 100 sculptures. We walked around and enjoyed the beautiful foliage. It is crazy to see all these sculptures juxtaposed to the natural scenery of the mountains and trees. Then, we did what any good capitalist does, we went to the Woodbury Commons only five minutes away. I picked up some sneakers from Skechers, and some small items.

The next day was errands and more errands. I felted the four cat beds for the Bazaar. Much tinier than I expected so the next ones will av e to be made bigger.

I will post later my pictures of goodies I picked up from stix-n-stitches. I picked up more yarn for scarves. More on that later....

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At 4:38 PM k8et said...

dude everytime i drive up the thruway i wonder what the hell that is!! i'm glad someone found out!

(i wish i knew you were going, i would have filled you in on my secret sculpture garden in warwick, REALLY REALLY cool and you'll NEVER find it without an address. ;o)

At 11:34 PM linroc said...

John, hope all is well with your" IM" search.
Maybe you can find looking for "ADVICE" at
Just make sure you come back to this site to let us know how you are doing!


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