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No point to the title, except it is the morning and I want coffee. If Ben is feeling better, I sense a road trip to upstate NY, and if he is not I am sensing me stealing the car and making my own road trip.

I posted some new pics of projects. I finished the Soho Scarf. I love this pattern. I noticed I like simple patterns involving changing directions, going from stockinette to reverse stockinette, or garter stitch from horizontal to vertical. The scarf didn't take a long time, and I think it is great for yarn that has shades of color. Sunday recommended this grey yarn at the store (I don't remember the name) and I am now thinking that would have looked stunning as well. Of course, I bought 7 skeins of Debbie Bliss yarn and this specific yarn I don't like. The debate is what to do with it (it was supposed to be scarves). I will post a picture and we have a vote on what to do with it.

I picked up the Tosca and I am making a mistake rib scarf for myself. This is a simple pattern that is a pattern on both sides which is perfect for a scarf. Deborah, at stix-n-stitches, taught a course on reverse stitches (patterns that are lovely on both sides) and I didn't take it but I will next offering. I will also take the sweater course by Sunday. No more courses as holidays are coming and we have a lot to do, when I saw we, I mean me. I have a lot of knitting to do. I did take the modular knitting class which I loved and I took the moebius which was fun. I have not done anything with these skills. Projects are sitting on my desk gathering dust.

Oh! I think I found a pattern for Grandma Sparkes. Ms. Sparkes, Ben's Grandma, is a "lady of lesiure" so she deserves something lovely. I have been talking about this robin egg blue yarn that Adrienne Vittadini that I found. I did find a great pattern from Exquisite Little Knits, but I need to get the book.

Alright, let me go see how hubby is doing. I force fed him two Thera-Flus last night and made him go to bed. I found out later he snuck the laptop into the room and was surfing the internet.

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