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So, I have finished my coconut almond bread, I have begun some deviled eggs, and I am now roasting the garlic for the herb garlic butter which will be used for the turkey and canapes. Thanksgiving is in the air. What I haven't started is the pumpkin spice bread due to the everpresent mistake of confusing if we have baking powder or baking soda.

I realized in my jubilation about adding photos inside the text, I haven't posted any pics of recent projects. I did breakdown and buy Exquisite Little Knits from Amazon and ended picking up Loop-D-Loop. Now, as much as I want to make the Chain Scarf (as seen on the cover), I can't imagine who would wear it. I did make some progress on my shawl, but had to put aside not only because I got bored but also because I needed to finish several projects that involved mail and a foreign country. I only have 2-3 more scarves to complete for the holiday and I can begin the shawl, possibly a blanket, and world peace (that was put on hold for the holidays as well). On another note, I love Duchess Yarn. It is oh-so yummy. I want to make scarves for myself in this yarn. The Feathery Lace stole should be done in two weeks, except I don't think I like knitting wraps. It is not done in the recommended weight yarn, but it was the pattern I was looking for, and I think it will be fine for Ms. Sparkes.

Oh, let me get back to Thanksgiving preparation....

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