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Recently, on knittyboard it was asked favorite knitting in a movie. I like the Jamie Lee Curtis attacking Jason in the first Halloween with knitting needles. I also liked on an episode of Stacked, Pamela Anderson knitting a 4 inch by 4 inch square and saying she was knitting a tube top and "was almost done". Although, after watching Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, my favorite scene is when the spaceship goes into hyperspeed and everyone is knitted. Ironically, it was the only scene I remember vividly from the movie. We have been having this problem lately with ALL movies, that the music is louder than the people talking. As much as I would love to blast the tv (and disrupt my neighbors), we have to keep our fingers on the remote control to quickly lower and raise the volume depending what is happening in the film.

I am making progress on Grandma Sparkes Christmas present. I let go of the wrap, and moved onto a scarf. It is being knit with a double moss stitch which almost creates a diamond pattern. It is cruising along quite nicely. The only thing is that I will need to add a crochet edging as the scarf needs it.

Other than that, I am off to stix-n-stitches. They are having Iris Schreier on Sunday, December 4, 2005, doing a book signing and teaching a Modular Knits workshop. I haven't taken a workshop since early October, so I think that is fine and I think it will be inspiration for me to make La Flaca (that's my mom, and Spanish for slim) a scarf. Iris is also a co-author of my favorite book of the month, Exquisite Little Knits. I am sure Sheila will have Iris' other book on hand as well Modular Knits. I haven't been to the store in over a week, and I miss Mary (a store regular).

Oh yeah, and laundry. For my husband who might be checking this website today, I will also be doing laundry.

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