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Well, check out the photo of big balls of yarn below. I stopped by stix-n-stitches the other day and found more balls yarn being placed on the shelves (well technically baskets, I think they fall off the shelves). I picked up two skeins of Berroco's Foliage in green and 450 Knitting Stitches for my reference library (in the making). I fell in love with a pattern I found in Exquisite Little Knits to use the Foliage. The scarf is for my fil. It is called the Soho Scarf and involved learning a turn and skp (slip, knit, pass). I was very proud I taught myself, but I do need to thank the Knitting Help website. I have to take a picture of the scarf, I am on the last 4 rows (don't get too excited there are 200 stitches in each row).

I should be done with the college application for graduate school shortly. The essay is written and making the rounds with friends. The letters of recommendation have been solicited and should be out the door in two weeks time. I am registered for the Miller Analogies exam, so I just need to review my vocabulary and a few practice exams.

I have the bazaar next week and trust me I am very excited. I have two more cat beds to be felted and I am done. I am actually attempting to start the holiday gifts now....oh holiday gifts....

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