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I finally have made a commitment towards my mom's Christmas present. Ben and I were at the LS (Local Starbucks?) or could I say UMS (Upper Montclair Starbucks, we have two in town) anyways, I saw the little Barista Bear magnet, and noticed his cute little scarf and hat. I kept walking on line with the bear and decided to buy it to become an inspiration for a holiday gift. After yesterday's visit to stix-n-stitches, I decided on the rio de la plata yarn to make the scarf and hat. You may notice the hat has some red, but I have a ton of red rio de la plata which is still waiting to become a very harlot poncho.

I caught up with Mary (who has been fighting a cold). Mary has been making felted bags for all her friends and has become the catalyst for the bean bag (I think that's its name). Sitting at her chair several people stopped by to show her their felted bags inspired by her felted bag. On my list of to do, the felted bubble bag. The pattern for this bag is in Pursenalities, which I don't have, so excuse my memory loss on the name of the purse.

I am jealous of Stacey. Her secret pal sent her Frida Kahlo stickers. I want Frida Kahlo stickers (stumps the foot of the once-mature adult acting like a nine year old). My blog is named after a short story involving Frida Kahlo way before Salma made the movie. I probably should design a site that reflects Frida's influence.

Laundry all done. Need to clean. Need to study.

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