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No point to my title, I just happen to be staring at a picture of a pug.

You will all be happy to hear that Raccoon was adopted on Wednesday, August 24, and Rachael was oh so lonely was adopted the very next day. I hope to contact their new owners to check on the kids this week. I hope they will send me their photos as they get older.

PAWS received its new furniture on Friday. Everyone was extremely ecstatic! So new and clean and pretty.

I went to my friend Fiona's Dinner party on Saturday (albeit 3 hours late) but we made it! We had yummy goodies and great company.

To be honest, no knitting this weekend. Oh! Not true, I did start a wonton from the Feline Dim Sum but I never folded it so it is now a triangle. Ninna approved, and I started to work on more of them, as I am thinking of making for the bazaar. All the kids are doing well. Crazy as ever!

On the bright bright side. they had a pet adoption day at NJ Pets in Verona, NJ, and five of the six cats were adopted. Poor Forest was the only cat not adopted. I will make sure to post a picture of him, he is black and white and very friendly. Poor Fella! One of the cats adopted was Cleo whose picture is below. I didn't know this but Cleo was left on the front door of PAWS one morning, according to the letter the owners were moving,....ahem....fill in the blanks on what I was just thinking, but she now has a happy home.

Lastly, I will post a picture of Kristina's favorite cat, Tinkerbell. Rather, kitten. Tinkerbell is probably one of the most adorable kittens we have seen and she was found outside the YMCA, at a month old. She's got the cutest meow, and just adorable! Watch for that photo soon...

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