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Yeah! Stix and Stitches opened last week and Sheila's Grand Opening was last night. We received the invitation to attend the Grand Opening, and it was a blast. I should bring my digital camera with me more often so I could have posted photos. I arrived later and she had so many people there. I ran into Eva and Ed and chilled out in the back of the room, picking up a few snackies (caramelized onions with goat cheese pizza, yummy!). We sat in the back and did some knitting. From there, we jumped over to Starbucks for more knitting and caffeine. Honestly, it was Eva's fault, she mentioned Starbucks, not me, and I had to invite myself.

This morning, Ben and I, hopped over to Stix-n-Stitches and I picked up the Mango yarn in Rose color. I convinced Ben this would make a nice gift for someone we know. I also picked up an extra set of needles and then one extra skein of a sparkly blue yarn (to be photographed). From there, it was off to the Farmer's Market, to pick up some corn, apple pie, hroseradish spread, and other goodies. PAWS was there showing some of the dogs and some kitties. I wish we had a house, we would have more animals, but that would be better than them being in those cages. Oh, and two dogs got into a bad fight with each other (blood on the ground bad). Hopefully, they are doing better.

I am also working on a shawl for myself in plum with some sparkles. Finally, I am making something for myself, yeah! I need something new to wear in the office, and in a different color.
Sadly, out of everything on my list to make is primarily holiday gifts. Hmmm....

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