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So, I have finally posted the photos from July 4th, and it was fun. More interesting than anything. We didn't really have anything planned so we ended up in East Hanover chilling with my folks. Ben had to work but got out before the fireworks. The town has a polka band play but I won't go into the full details as I wasn't impressed not so much their music but their introductions and dialogues, so I enjoyed my knitting. It was funny the lawn chairs that everyone brought with them you could date by the decade they were popular. And ironically, all the lawn chairs were in pairs, so you saw the red and yellow plastic chair from the 1970's, and then the green and white ones from that decade, then you saw the plastic tubed ones from the 1980's. I wish I took a picture of just the chairs.

Anyways, I am making slow progress on the wrap for my sister in law. It is a lot of work and I don't think the 150 stitches will wrap around so it seems I am now going to try and the other way for length, but I have to tell you that is the quickest way to lose interest in this project. To make it a bigger project than you thought it would be.

Also, I posted a picture of Ella's bed. I made a bed for Ella (but essentially all cats will sleep in it) because she is the first cat and I think she feels neglected. I have been very conscious to give each cat attention. I try and spend time with each of them, give them treats, pet them for a good length of time, and play with them. As Izzy has claimed the green bed we bought, I wanted to make something for Ella. I will make another one probably in masculine colors. I did make this one a little big and it seems it doesn't want to felt anymore. So, it flops over. Ok, it flops over because I didn't decrease as much as I should have. Oh well.

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