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A lot has happened, my grandfather had passed away which somehow distorted time for me. I know he was sick and he was getting worse very quickly, but somehow when he was constantly going from the hospital and rehab, it just made me lose track of time.

We received 21 blankets from the Senior Care Center which I am in the process of posting photos. We also received more skeins for the women which is perfect timing because we almost ran out of yarn. Barbara B. had donated 12 skeins, and Mary M. donated 9, plus some yarn we received at the shelter and a purchase my mom at a yard sale.

Ben and I have been doing the furniture shuffle, so we have been in a state of clutter for three weeks, but that is now settling done. Especially once we remove the desk from our place. The new one is in place and actually we love it! It stores everything and we shut the doors, which is excellent to cut down on cat fur.

We may be looking into organizing a fundraiser at the local jazz club which is super sweet! THey have great performers come, so I will update as that progresses. Ok, must go and post some photos and then I will update the blog more...

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