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I am eating right now, yummy, not the best thing at 10 at night, but still yummy...So, I finally have posted pics of the yarn I have purchased but, in my defense, this was purchased over the past three weeks. I should take pictures of the receipts to prove it, as some skeptics doubt this statement.

I did receive the sheep tape measures from Yarnware which will be prizes in the Knit 4 PAWS knit a thon.

So, I keep reminding myself why I don't give catnip to my cats. They actually do react, and three of them have a calm high, they relax and roll around to the theme of 70's easy listening love songs. But, you must remember I have four cats, and one cat doesn't relax and roll around to 70's easy listening love songs, this cat listens to Anthrax and Public Enemy "Bring Da Noise". This cat also enjoys WWE, and thus slams the other cats, turning our living room into a mosh pit. For those of you who don't know, it is Izzy.

So, Ben and I went to PAWS today to do night socializing. Montclair has a huge population of stray and feral cats. When PAWS receives cats a lot of times the cats require socialization. Some cats don't understand petting feels good (hey, no comments from the peanut gallery) , or that humans are friendly. Some cats are just extremely shy, some are scared, some come from homes where they are abused, and some are feral. The cat group socializes the cats slowly working with them to accustom them to our strange human ways. So, below are photos of the some of the new cats I wish I could take home.

Well, I am getting along with the cat beds and I will check in later..

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