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So, I just got back from SNB and posted some photos, one in the Parlor, one of my new shawl, one of Ella (yeah Ella gets a photo on the blog, you probably thought there were only two cats-ha! If you only knew...) and one photo of my current WIP, a blue heron shawl (see below).

I had a blast! There were six of us and we had a lovely time. The conversation was flowing, the food was yummy (cheese, olives, chips and dips and cookies) and there was a lot of sharing of info. I learned a lot from Eva (Eva is wearing the the yellow shirt and green/yellow scarf) who taught Wendy (our host and owner of Parlor, wearing black and seated in the chair) and Tracie (wearing black top and head tilted). Ed (Eva's husband) had (I think) three projects he was working on all at the same time, including a blanket and something green which I forgot to ask about. Alexis (in the picture looks like a brown cardigan and holding the purple yarn) has just recently been engaged and is studying for the bar exam. Everyone was really cool and we will probably meet in another two weeks. I do hope that more people join us for more SNB's. One of the topics was clean edges, bamboo yarn, which online stores we have shopped at, the most amount of money ever spent on yarn, and I will leave you to guess who spent the most (ahem and that wasn't an implication of guilt because it wasn't actually me!).

Yeah! I loved knitting tonight.

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