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When stressed it results in a bad case of startitis. Granted, I finished the Infinity Scarf, I have now started the Wedge scarf in sock yarn. In fact, I am using the Madelintosh Sock Yarn which I picked up from Patricia's Yarns. It is a relatively quick pattern and if I actually paid attention the garter stitch bars would be even in between the lace.


Unfortunately, the return to scarves and the kerchiefs have led to the afghans being put on the side. Yet, I still find some yummy yarn for a blanket and I cannot resist. For example three skeins of Eco + on sale for a killer price at stix.


Before you ask, the answer is obviously another Hemlock Ring Blanket. The real question is do I make the blanket for myself or a family member.

Although, after the Wedge scarf is done, I am really contemplating about the Gaia Shoulder Hug on Noro Kureyon.


Yeah! I am sorta back.

Ben and I went to Hoboken this past Saturday for some exploration. We found a coffee shop where I tasted the most delicious drink called a Sugar and Spice Latte. It was a beautiful day to explore downtown Hoboken.

More importantly, I finally made it to Patricia's Yarn. This was a reconaissance mission. I loved the Madelentosh Yarn. The sock yarn above in Thricket color is being made into the Wedge scarf pattern from Berroco. I was really tempted by the Spud and Chloe Sweater yarn. Hmmm, I am definitely heading back to pick up that yarn. As well, they have a great selection of Koigu. If you stop by grab a bite to eat at the Hoboken Cafe (right up the block) as they crepes, paninis, and wraps.

Ironically, I have been knitting the 5th Avenue Infinity Scarf which one of the employees of PY designed. I had some skeins of SWTC Karaoke in the stash which came out oh so nicely.


It is a very easy pattern to memorize.

Source: 5th Ave Infinity Scarf by Tenten knits
Needles: Knitpicks (the acrylic ones), size 7, 40" circular
Yarn: SWTC Karaoke Color 279
Loved: Super quick knit and easy. It looks really nice when I wear it. Great for a gift.
Hated: Nothing. Although, if I redid it I would cast on less as mine appears very long.

I have been agressively reducing my stash for various reasons including a declutter frenzy and I feel guilty having yarn I am not using taking up space. I noticed that a lot of stuff I am destashing has been my early purchases of yarn. Well, all went well until this Ten Stitch Blanket entered my life and all I had was four skeins of Noro Silk Garden Lite. Sheila gave me as a gift which I completely appreciate because I love the yarn and it is a pretty colorway. It sat in my stash for a while hanging out in a box with other skeins of Noro and some Karaoke. When I started this blanket it was on a goof.

I am addicted to it and I want to finish. Now, I realize I can knit this blanket utilizing different colorways of Noro but I am boring and a traditionalist. After Googling the name and colorway, I found skeins available on Seaport Yarns and Yarn and Fiber Shop. Yarn and Fiber was slightly cheaper but was offering free shipping. I ordered this yarn on Thursday and got it Saturday and it was free shipping. I am very happy.

Irony: the money I made on yarn destashing went to purchase this yarn. Go figure!
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I found the ten stitch blanket and Ravery. Yummy. So, I pulled out the four skeins of Noro I have and started and knitting. I then realized that this colorway is discontinued. I wanted to stick with this color, so after research I found two shops that sell the specific colorway and sadly for full price. Ironically, the shop emailed me a coupon for their store right after the purchase.

Here is the blanket (without the cat posing).

Here are the Hot Mama Socks. My aunt, Titi Estelle, wanted a pair of socks. Titi Vicky wanted conservative socks in earth tone colors which worked out very well. Estelle wants socks to reflect her personality. She is pink and red, so I found this skein of Colinette Jitterbug in Cherry colorway ( a few people at the shop voted on the color). I think she will enjoy them.

Irony of irony is that both of my aunts live in warm areas (Florida and Puerto Rico). Yet, they want the socks and I love them so socks are coming.
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So, I combined two patterns into this one and sorta just went with it. I hope it fits the baby it is intended (at some point in its lifetime).
It is the Cascade Superwash Handpainted yarn which is really nice to knit.

I thought the buttons were very cute and afterwards I realized I could have made the heart pattern larger.
If I made it again I would make the body in one color and the trim and heart in a contrasting color. I am still thinking about this whole pattern process.

Of course, another baby surprise jacket. I intentionally buy the Socks that Rock mediumweight at Rhinebeck just to make some baby surprises. I am going to attempt a hood to go on top just for something different. At this point all my STR is gone until Rhinebeck 2009.
Speaking of Rhinebeck (nine months away) I finally picked up the Sheldridge Farms yarn and I am so in love with this yarn. It is incredibly soft to knit and it definitely deserves its name "Soft Touch". I will post photos of the sweater I am making. Again, I am just playing with a sweater pattern from Custom Knits but making modifications here and there.

We had a good time during our snow day today. I made Farina for breakfast and pizza triscuits for lunch and chili for dinner. Luckily we had a movie from Netflix so Ben was able to finally appreciate Best in Show. Lots of knitting took place AND I took a mid day nap. It was a great snow day!
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I have a slightly obssessive personality. I call them Monk-isms, named after my favorite tv character.

So, when I wanted a quick and mindless project and thought I would also finish off some orphan skeins, the umbilical cord baby hat from stitch n' bitch. Sheila had given me some Adrienne Vittadini Diana (cotton blend) skeins which turned into two hats.
The two skeins of Scoubi Dou I had leftover turned into two hats.

So, then I found some Cascade Superwash Handpainted yarn in the cute baby colorway. I made the quick baby sweater for a newborn and then made a matching hat with the leftover yarn.
Here's the sweater! It is a gift for someone at work.

Well, I am hoping there is a snow day tomorrow, let's keep our fingers croseed.

If I do, I will be working on the Log Cabin Blanket (three skeins from finishing) and a top down sweater in Shelridge Farms Soft Touch Yarns. Ok, the Shelridge Farms yarn is so incredibly soft to knit that I am thinking of picking up more yarn for another sweater. hmmmm.... It is really nice. For anyone going to Rhinebeck in October definitely check this vendor out!
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2007 Completed Projects
Lady February Sweater
5 hr Baby Sweater
Pretty in Pink Baby Sweater
Harlotty Baby Surprise Jacket
Atkins Baby Surprise Jacket
Cotton Baby Hat
Titi Vicky's Socks
Maya's Pretty in Pink Dog Sweater
Bright Dishcloth
Ben's House Scarf
Seed Stitch Scarf
Hemlock Blanket
Spring Fling Jacket
Simple Stockinette Socks in Claudia handpainted
Simple Stockinette Socks in Jitterbug
Upside down daisy hat
Pineapple Colada Hat

2007 UFO/WIP
Hex Coat
Log Cabin Blanket
Big Bad Baby Blanket
Ravenclaw Scarf

2008 Goals & Projects
Modern Lap Blanket (for Ben's Office)
Entrelac Wrap

Happy New Year!

The retired Log Cabin Blanket was pulled out on the first night of my Christmas break. I finished the red band (on the right), the green band, and the brown. I am a few skeins away from finishing this generous lap blanket. I will probably start another lap blanket for Ben's office when I finish this one.
This is some Queensland Chunky I bought years ago and I attempted to mimic Ben's house scarf when he was in school in the UK.
This seed stitch scarf coordinates with my winter jacket. I love this yarn!
A bright and colorful dishcloth made out of Cotton Classic.

I really am hoping to finish this log cabin blanket this weekend. We all have goals.
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